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Custom wood-mounted rubber address stamp. Size of stamp is 1.5" x 1.5". Initials will be written and formatted as shown in the sample, but please note that there might be variation in font size and spacing depending on the letters.

Monograms can be either a single person's initials (first, middle, last) or a married couple's initials (both firsts, last). Monograms are great for stamping as a seal on envelopes, cards, letterheads and more. They work great for wedding stationery, and later on, for family stationery, especially during the holidays.

Order will be shipped out within one week of purchase date.

TO ORDER: After purchasing, please submit the information you would like on your stamp here. A proof is not provided, but can be purchased for an additional $5 in the shop. If a proof is purchased, the order will be shipped out within one week of proof confirmation date.